Documents/ Reports

Since the development of the Program Management Plan, dated May 1, 2007, numerous documents have been prepared for the SJRRP. Early in the Program, Technical Memorandum were posted to facilitate early coordination and interaction with the Settling Parties, Third Parties, other stakeholders, and interested members of the public regarding projects, activities, and initial concepts and approaches under consideration.

Following TMs, several draft and final documents have been produced as specified in the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act, when applicable. Draft documents that have public comment periods are posted here as well.

General documents include a regular Program Update that is also mailed, and an annual report.

Pre-Settlement documents are also accessible here.

All documents are posted in chronological order under the year they were published. Some reports, although portioned into manageable sizes are still quite large and may take some time to download – depending on your download speed.