Program hits major milestone: 42 redds

For 2018, the SJRRP can claim a major milestone: 42 redds. This is the most spring-run Chinook salmon fish nests in the San Joaquin River in over 60 years! The high number of nests this year is an excellent indicator of Reach 1’s viability as spawning habitat for the species. The nests are the direct result of adult ancillary broodstock released to the river this summer (59 females, 120 males) and this year’s total is  three times the number produced from last year’s release. This is the third  year of adult spring-run Chinook salmon ancillary broodstock releases to date and its most successful with regard to the total number of redds produced.

The Fresno Bee recently tagged along with US Fish & Wildlife and CA Fish & Wildlife during emergence trap setting in Reach 1. The traps will allow biologists to determine the success of the redds by monitoring the fry hatching from the eggs. Read the story here!