Data Download

The following page provides raw data for download.

Time Series, Geographic, and other data

All data below is preliminary and subject to revision with the exception of the flow final daily averages. Accounting to create final daily average flow values provides a review of the stage record and estimated flow rates to incorporate manual measurements and compensate for field conditions and equipment errors. Processing occurs after the fact, generally monthly. Note: Final daily average flow values for Sack Dam and Washington Road are preliminary and subject to revision.

Data TypeMeasurement TypeTime PeriodLocationAgencyFormat
Flow, StageDRAFT MetadataN/AAllAllExcel
FlowFinal Daily Average10/1/2009-2/2014Reach 1-4AUSBR, DWR
Flow, StageMeasurement2009-2012AllUSBR, DWRExcel
StageRecorder9/2/2009-3/22/2011Reach 1-2USBR, othersExcel
GroundwaterDRAFT MetadataN/AAllUSBRExcel
Water QualityMeasurement1/2011-6/8/2011AllUSBRExcel
Digital Terrain Model2010/11 Bathymetry, 2008 LiDAR2013Reach 5USBRZip (283 MB)
Digital Terrain Model2010/11 Bathymetry, 2008 LiDAR2013
GraphicRestoration HydrographsAllAllUSBRWord Doc