Surface Water

A network of stream gages record and telemeter river stage information. Flow measurements by field crews help calibrate and confirm calculations. Data from stream gage telemetry requires careful consideration as field conditions and equipment malfunctions can provide erroneous readings. A more accurate assessment of actual flow rates requires a review of the flow record and processing to account for actual conditions. This Quality Assurance Quality Control flow data is available on the Data Download page.

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Real Time Stream Gauge Data  |  Top
Telemetered stream gauge stations with stage/flow information are available at the California Data Exchange Center, click on the map below.

MIL - Millerton Lake SJN - San Mateo Rd CTK - Cottonwood Creek SJF - Below Friant H41 - Highway 41 LDC - Little Dry Creek DNB - Donny Bridge GRF - Gravelly Ford JBP - James Bypass SJB - Bifurcation CBP - Chowchilla Bypass DM3 - Delta Mendota Canal MEN - Mendota Pool SDP - Sack Dam EBM - Eastside Bypass below Mariposa SWA - Washington Ave SSH - Salt Slough ELN - El Nido Road BSD - Bear Creek MSG - Mud Slough SJS - Stevinson FFB - Fremont Ford Bridge SMN - Newman

map of gage stations

CDEC CodeFlowStage
MILSan Joaquin River ReleaseReservoir Elevation
CTKCottonwood CreekCottonwood Creek
SJFBelow FriantBelow Friant
LDCLittle Dry CreekLittle Dry Creek
H41Highway 41Highway 41
DNBDonny Bridge (Rd 32)Donny Bridge (Rd 32)
GRFGravelly FordGravelly Ford
CBPChowchilla BypassChowchilla Bypass
SJBBelow BifurcationBelow Bifurcation
SJNSan Mateo Ave near MendotaSan Mateo Ave near Mendota
JBPJames BypassJames Bypass
DM3Delta Mendota Canal Check 21
MENNear MendotaNear Mendota
SDPNear Dos PalosNear Dos Palos
SWAWashington RoadWashington Road
ELNEastside Bypass near El NidoEastside Bypass near El Nido
EBMEastside Bypass below MariposaEastside Bypass below Mariposa
BSDBear Creek
SSHSalt SloughSalt Slough
FFBFremont FordFremont Ford
MSGMud SloughMud Slough
SMNNear NewmanNear Newman

Gaging Station Updates

  • 11/8/2012 – SJN – A continuous water temperature and specific conductance sonde was installed at the gage. real-time measurements are incorrect while installation quirks are fixed.
  • The water level recorder cable in MW-09-89 rusted through and recorded a sudden drop in groundwater level on 10/27/2011. The cable was re-measured and adjusted on CDEC on 10/31/2011 at 15:00 hours.
  • Gaging Station SJB changed from reporting in elevation to reporting in stage on 8/28/2011.

Tracking the River’s End  |  Top
The following maps show the location of the river front over time.

Movie of the San Joaquin River on April 12, 2016:

Millerton Daily Operations Report  |  Top
This Report consists of the previous day’s Friant release flow rate and other data.


Measurements  |  Top

SJRRP staff manually measure at gage locations to verify and adjust rating curves. Posted results provide provisional estimates subject to revision during review and finalization. Below are USGS measurements and links to the USGS NWIS database containing all USGS measurements. Please see the Reclamation and DWR measurement spreadsheet on the data page.

Below Friant – See all measurements here

San Mateo Ave – See all measurements here

Below Mendota – See all measurements here

Posted results provide provisional estimates subject to revision during review and finalization.

Manual Measurements at Non-Gaged Locations
Other manual measurements of flow rates done periodically are available in the Annual Technical Report.