Recapture and Recirculation

Paragraph 16 specifies the terms and conditions in the Settlement for the purpose of achieving the Water Management Goal.  Part III of the Settlement Act includes additional actions to reduce or avoid water supply impacts to the Friant Division long-term contractors (e.g. the Water Management Goal).  Recirculation is one potential tool to achieve the Water Management Goal.

Pursuant to Paragraph 16(a) of the Settlement and Section 10004(a)(4) of the Settlement Act, the Secretary is required to develop and implement a plan in order to achieve the Water Management Goal.  This plan is related to recirculation, recapture, reuse, exchange, or transfer of SJRRP Interim Flows and Restoration Flows (herein after, Restoration Flows).  Although this plan has been referred to as a “Recirculation Plan” or “Recapture and Recirculation Plan”, it is not limited to recirculation and includes all five of the methods.

Thus, recirculation is not a necessary action but rather one potential means, along with recapture, reuse, exchange, or transfer, to accomplish the Water Management Goal.

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