Program prepares for Reach O levee work

The California Department of Water Resources, a partnering agency of the San Joaquin River Restoration Program, is preparing to improve two-miles of levees within the Eastside Bypass in order to meet seepage and stability criteria required for future Restoration Flows. Sand or gravelly soils of higher permeability in the levee or levee foundation can transmit water via seepage during high-water stages. Cutoff walls are designed to reduce levee through-seepage and underseepage by providing a lens of low-permeability material through the higher permeability materials in the levee and levee foundation to essentially cut off the flow. The project also includes replacing six corrugated metal culverts/pipes that penetrate the levees with reinforced concrete pipe of the same size culverts/pipes.

A link to the full project field advisory is here.

Map showing proposed Reach O levee work.