Program Issues Initial 2023 Restoration Allocation and Default Flow Schedule

2023 Restoration Allocation & Default Flow Schedule Released The Bureau of Reclamation has released an initial Restoration Allocation & Default Flow Schedule for the period March 1, 2023 through February 28, 2024.Using the best available forecasting information for precipitation, snowpack, and runoff above Millerton Lake, the 2023 Restoration Allocation is set at 556,542 acre-feet at Gravelly Ford […]

Program increases Restoration Flows

Program resumes Restoration Flows to protect burgeoning Threatened salmon population The San Joaquin River Restoration Program Restoration Administrator has adjusted the schedule of Restoration Flows on the San Joaquin River. On December 16, Friant Dam will increase releases to meet a target of 415 cfs at Gravelly Ford (increasing from 365 cfs). This flow rate […]

Program updates 2022 Restoration Flow Schedule

The final Restoration Allocation and Default Flow Schedule was made on May 13. This allocation was based on a forecasted unimpaired inflow into Millerton Lake (Friant Dam) of 1,072,000 acre-feet. This is a “Normal-Dry” water year type for the period October 2021 to September 2022. The Restoration Allocation totals 232,470 acre-feet. Due to dry hydrologic […]

Program receives prestigious Environmental Achievement Award

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The San Joaquin River Restoration Program, a multi-agency effort to restore the upper 152-miles of the San Joaquin River from Friant Dam to the confluence with the Merced River, recently received the Department of the Interior’s highest honor for environmental restoration. Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary for Water and Science Tanya […]

Restoration Flows to be reduced and halted

On April 1, Reclamation will start deliveries to the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors from Friant Dam. Normally, Exchange Contractor water supply is met from north-of-Delta water delivered through the Delta-Mendota Canal. However, because this is a “Shasta Critical” water year, Exchange Contractors are scheduled to receive 75% of their normal allocation, a total of […]

Restoration Flows Postponed

San Joaquin River Restoration Program Postpones Restart of Restoration Flows This notice serves to inform the public that the Restoration Administrator, a court-appointed position selected by the Friant Defendants and Plaintiffs in the Settlement, has postponed the resumption of Restoration Flows. Restoration Flows will resume no earlier than October 1. Restoration Flows were ceased on […]

Burning Question: How To Predict Runoff After Catastrophic Wildfire?

Fire created unknowns, many are hopeful new data will benefit San Joaquin River management After a record-setting season of catastrophic wildfires in California, no single fire in 2020 burned more than the Creek Fire in the Upper San Joaquin River watershed east of Fresno. The Creek Fire, the largest single-source fire in California history, ravaged […]