2024 Channel Capacity Report Available

River shot of the San Joaquin River

The Program has released its 2024 Channel Capacity Report.

Then-existing channel capacities in the Restoration Area (the San Joaquin River between Friant Dam and the confluence of the Merced River) correspond to flows that would not significantly increase flood risk from Restoration Flows. Then-existing channel capacity is reported in an annual comprehensive Channel Capacity Report (CCR) that is prepared and circulated for public comment. The CCR describes the proposed then-existing channel capacity for the upcoming Restoration Year, and the projects and analyses that were performed to update the capacity from the previous year’s CCR.

For the 2024 Restoration Year, the SJRRP is not recommending any changes to then-existing channel capacity, so a public review is deemed not necessary. The CCR for the 2024 Restoration Year only summarizes the current then-existing channel capacity and updates SJRRP activities related to flow and channel capacity.

You can find the 2024 Channel Capacity Report here.