Monitoring and Analysis Plan

The Monitoring and Analysis Plan (MAP), formerly known as the Agency Plan, describes upcoming monitoring and analysis to manage Interim and Restoration Flows for the next year of the San Joaquin River Restoration Program.

If you are interested in submitting a study proposal for the FY 2017 MAP, please see the following objectives memo that highlights SJRRP program needs for 2017 and pre-proposal form for study submission:

If you have any questions on the MAP proposal submission process, please contact Chad Moore ( or Emily Thomas (

2016 Monitoring Plan and Analysis Plan

2015 Monitoring Plan and Analysis Plan (March 2015)

Main Body


Predation Protection




Rearing Habitat


Spawning and Incubation


Adult Migration


Fish Reintroduction


Passage and Transportation


Long-Term Monitoring


2014 Final Monitoring Plan and Analysis Plan (September, 2013)

2013 2012

2012 Monitoring and Analysis Plan (November 18, 2011)


Final 2011 Agency Plan (November 2010)