Program Schedules 2023 Restoration Flows

Flood flows at sunset on the San Joaquin River

On January 19, Reclamation issued the initial allocation for the 2023 water year, providing a total 556,542 acre-feet for Restoration Flows under a Wet year type. The Restoration Administrator, an independent body stipulated by the Settlement, has provided the initial Restoration Flow schedule. This schedule is now approved by Reclamation as being consistent with the Settlement, Restoration Flow Guidelines, and applicable water rights.This schedule includes adjustments to Friant Dam releases to the San Joaquin River in February followed by gradually rising flows through the spring using available channel capacity. Restoration Flows decline in the summer but typically maintain connectivity throughout the Restoration Area. Restoration Flows increase again in autumn into winter to support salmon reproduction, incubation, and juvenile fry emergence.The Restoration Allocation will be updated several times between now and May and, in response, the Restoration Administrator may adjust flows or add additional features to the hydrograph such as pulses or ramp-downs.From January 3 through February 5, Friant Dam released flood management flows to the San Joaquin River as required to mitigate flood risk. On February 6, Restoration Flows began and will continue until flood releases resume again in one to two months.As river levels may change rapidly, the public is encouraged to monitor flow conditions if recreating on or near the San Joaquin River. Natural storm runoff, the need to release additional water to mitigate flood, and changes to the Restoration Flow schedule may occur at any time. Strong river flows and the effects of cold water should not be underestimated. The Restoration Flow schedule has been set to the following:

Date Friant Dam Releases Flows Rate at Gravelly Ford
February 10 – February 28 480 – 600 cfs as required to meet the flow target at Gravelly Ford 380 cfs
March 1 – March 31 Approximately 560 cfs 380 cfs
April 1 – April 30 Approximately 600 cfs 390 cfs
May 1 – May 21 Approximately 640 cfs 400 cfs
May 22 – May 31 Decreasing to approximately 440 cfs Decreasing to 180 cfs
June 1 – July 29 Approximately 460 cfs 180 cfs
July 30 – October 31 Approximately 480 cfs 200 cfs
November 1 – December 31 Approximately 440 cfs 240 cfs
January 1 – February 6, 2024 Approximately 420 cfs 240 cfs
February 7 – February 29, 2024 Approximately 490 cfs 310 cfs

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